Of course, one should not expect the comfort and power of a true Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the driver and a passenger, there is room for only 150 liters of luggage. The top speed is 140 km / h. However, they are still seen in abundance, whether in the small alleys of Rome, the sophisticated boulevards of Paris, the chic, traditional streets of London or the modern motorways of Germany. They are identified by unique, compact look and youthful style. The small, modern, colorful and friendly smart, a car with Playmobil face, is practical especially when it comes to parking and stylish with its colorful look. Go to the center, park quietly and return home without stress – with the smart, you will know a new way to drive through the city with great comfort, agility, The iconic automobile was created and developed by Nicolas George Hayek (businessman and visionary who invented the famous Swatch wrist watches) with the help of his team of designers. He wanted to develop a small car that was economical, environmentally responsible and easy to park in smaller spaces. The project was initially christened  Swatchmobile , with the same assumptions as the watches it had created: to provide a low-cost, colorful and customizable proposal (some parts could be replaced as with some watch dials and bracelets) very specific target audience about honda civic car cover waterproof.

It was then that the Swatch Company signed a partnership with Daimler-Benz (after a failed venture with Volkswagen) to create the first urban coupe. The development began on March 4, 1994 with the founding of the company MCC AG ( Micro Compact Car AG ) in Switzerland; of the factory located in the French city of Hambach in 1995; and the first car officially presented to the public in September 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The smart name, written in lowercase letters precisely to “question the status quo”, is the junction of the letters  S  (from Swatch),  M  (from Mercedes) and the word  ART  . Its special concept of space offered advantages in the intense traffic of the big cities, and, was exactly this one of the greater argument of the new automobile. Though small the smart was not fragile thanks to a kind of metal cell, which created a safety cabin and insulated the driver of the engine compartment, with great protection against stroke. The small, 2,650-mm-long car, weighing 720 kilograms, capacity for two people and colourful and interchangeable panels, began to be sold the following year by the reservation system through the  smartcenters , as they are called the dealerships of the brand. On October 3, 1998, the official launch of the smart City Coupe in 9 European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands). However, Hayek was disappointed with the use of a conventional engine (he wanted a hybrid car or a pure electric motor) and with the price of the car, about $ 10,000, which was higher than expected. When initial sales slowed, Swatch withdrew from the company, leaving Daimler-Benz as sole owner of the smart division.

On December 20, 1999, just over a year after its official launch, the smart number 100,000 was produced. The year 2000 presented a novelty that showed the reason why the brand was pointed out as one of the most modern and influential of its segment: it was a pioneer in providing access to the internet in its cars. In June of that same year, the pop idol Michael Jackson surrenders to the smart. The singer buys 4 units of the small car, generating huge publicity for the brand worldwide. In January 2001, the smart became available in 13 versions instead of the 6 so far marketed. New colors, new interiors, leather upholstery, new wheels and the introduction of new engines were some of the many new features. In 2002, the small car was completely restyled with the launch of new colors, a larger fuel tank and a shift in the steering wheel. In the following years, smart launched the version of the compact of four places, baptized of  smartForfour . Following the decision to stop production of this model in early 2006, smart focused its efforts exclusively on the two-person version. After operating losses of 4 billion euros, the company was moved to the city of Stuttgart, headquarters of Mercedes-Benz. In April 2007 the new generation of the small car, renamed Smart Fortwo (it has this name because it is for two people), featured in the coupe and convertible versions, with some standard items like ABS brakes and EPS stability control. The new version, 19 cm longer than the original, had the capacity of loading in the trunk enlarged to 220 liters. The consumption of the compact impressed. You could drive more than 18 kilometers with only 1 liter of gasoline, and in the diesel version it was possible to make 28 kilometers with only 1 liter of fuel. The new model has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor and once again set new standards when it comes to safety aspects for small vehicles. The Tragion safety cell acts like the hard shell of a walnut to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

In 2008, with fuel prices reaching historic levels and low-consumption cars in vogue, the timing seemed perfect for the company to launch smart in the American market in partnership with the traditional Penske. The big challenge would be to convince Americans, accustomed to cars and SUVs, to buy the smart, with a capacity for only two people, to parade through the country’s miles of highways. The small cars were sold in the American market through 74 smart centers scattered throughout the country. But the small cart achieved a feat and so much in the American market: 24,600 vehicles were delivered to customers already in the first year of sales. This made the United States the third (today is the fourth) largest market for the brand after Germany and Italy. And the following year was the turn of Brazil where the smart Fortwo, in the versions Coupe and Cabriolet, began to be sold on April 14 through a smart center located on Avenida Europa, in prime area of ​​the capital of São Paulo that houses several show rooms of luxury vehicles. Result? In the year of debut in the Brazilian market were sold 1,053 units. Also this year the car was officially launched in the Chinese market, which quickly became one of the most important for the brand. In 2014 the brand presented great news. First it launched the new generation of the Fortwo model, with a new design (headlamps and grille gained new shape, and were positioned higher, contoured by the new hood, which became more horizontal, resulting in a more pronounced front) and 10 cm wider . Second announced the re-launch of the Forfour model (for four passengers), an elongated version of the Fortwo, 3,490 mm long. The two models are equipped with rear engine, always three-cylinder, which can yield 60 hp, 71 hp or 90 hp. The transmission can be five-speed manual or automated dual-clutch six-ratio. Nowadays, in the markets where it is marketed, smart is not only an innovative vehicle, focused on the urban lifestyle. Many of its consumers are attracted by the environmentally friendly character of the model, which offers reduced fuel consumption and low pollutant emission. With traffic and parking becoming increasingly challenging in large urban centers, the brand bets on a huge demand for its models in the coming years.


In spite of the SUV fever that infests the market, Smart is one of the brands that does not resign to urban mobility based on small vehicles, and in recent times this division of Daimler has specialized in electric cars. The company that has always been characterized by its small cars, next week will present at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 smart forease +, its latest creation, which for now will be presented as a conceptual work. This is an evolution of the concept smart forease that the German manufacturer revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2018, a convertible that takes as its starting point the smart cabrio, but with a more aggressive format design, where its rear takes the forms of a speedster and shows a canvas top, but it does not have the side windows or the rear window glass. At the front there are headlights with glass-less lights, with LED lights on, as well as auxiliary headlamps mounted on the grille, while the light-alloy wheels with aerodynamic design are responsible for giving the sporty touch to the whole. From next year smart will be focused on electric mobility, since it will only commercialize electric cars and that is why this conceptual work hides under its hood an electric motor. To know all the details of smart forease + you will have to wait for your presentation to happen at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, which starts next week. It is not known whether smart intends to bring this model to production or if it is simply a design exercise, but considering it is its second evolution, the German manufacturer is probably considering taking such a bold proposal to dealers.


That Brabus prepares models with high quality and high performance is nothing new for anyone, nor is their models usually not cheap, however, the last limited edition presented by the German specialist was not so expensive, although Brabus has accustomed everyone with much higher price models. The new Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition is based on the Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio, an entry-level model no longer cheap, however, after going through the preparer’s workshops it ends up with a considerably higher price tag than any model its size in the market. According to the German specialist, only 28 copies of the new Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition will be manufactured, all with a base price of 64,900 euros. Optional and custom customizations aside, as usual. Although the model is electric and convertible, one of the few alternatives in any market with these specifications does not justify the high base price of the model. Since with this value it is possible to acquire a Tesla Model 3 with two engines in Europe and still would save money, just to give an example. The new Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition has slight mechanical changes that allow it to increase its power up to 92 hp and 180 Nm of maximum torque, which means 10 hp and 20 Nm more than the standard version of the Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio. This allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds with a top speed of 130 km / h. There is not a single model like this and with this price and performance on the market today. In addition to the mechanical improvements there will be new features in the chassis, such as a revised suspension scheme, with new wider axles and smaller height relative to the ground. The wheels are 18-inch with 205/35 tires on the front axle and 235/30 on the rear axle. In addition to the technical improvements there is a gray paint job inspired by the Brabus 500 Shadow OPS Limited Edition craft, also the work of this specialist, and an interior completely covered in red.